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Sprint: Redefining Stupidity

Sprint is a failing company. They’re bleeding subscribers and can’t seem to compete with other carriers. It’s phones suck, its service sucks and new marketing isn’t helping.

I have a deal with myself that when my contract with Sprint expires early next year, I’m taking my phones and throwing them into the Mississippi River (or finding some other elaborate means of destruction that I can video tape). I’ve been with them four years and have watched them deteriorate from a forward-thinking and “cool” provider to the Pabst Blue Ribbon of cell phones.

But what amazes me about Sprint is not that it seems to blow the hard stuff, but how badly it messes up the easy things.

Let’s say, for a second, that you took a quirky picture of your beloved family dog on your Sprint phone. You wanted to send it to your good friend but knew she doesn’t have picture mail on her phone (or, in my case, suffered from bad reception). So, you decide to email it to her and, being the lazy sort, you decide to do it from your phone directly rather than download it to your machine and then email it yourself.

Let’s change perspective and take a look at what you just put your good friend through and the steps they have to complete to get the image. Read moreRead more