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Some Advice for Saturn

saturn-rethinkWhen I purchased my car, I was in a pretty bad situation. The vehicle I had been driving was involved in a very serious accident that was going to be the subject of an ongoing lawsuit and I had only a limited amount of cash with which to buy a new vehicle.

I did the best that I could with limited time and budget. I acquired a 1998 Saturn SL2 with a cash payment and have been driving it for the past two years. The car, however, has had a lot of trouble. Since I’ve bought it, I’ve had two engine sensors go out, the driver’s window crank break, the fan motor go out and, worst of all, the engine mount bolts snap in two.

Though the engine itself has been reliable (even running perfectly when the bolts broke), the car has spent more time in the repair shop than I’d like to admit. However, it seems that most of it is behind it now (knock on wood) and I’ve had no issues at all for nearly six months.

So, I decided to take this period of quiet not only to pay off all the repair debts, but to see about fixing the only problem I was aware of when I purchased it. You see, for whatever reason, the car did not have a dome light when I bought it, instead opting for a hole and some bare wire where the light should go. But I knew dome lights were cheap and unimportant so I let it go.

Little did I know exactly how difficult Saturn would make this. Read moreRead more